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August 18 , 2009

Webtrends shows the guts behind digital marketing
Lead generation goal of new 'Open Campaign'

Webtrends has introduced the Webtrends Open Campaign, a transparent look at digital marketing today through the execution of an integrated multi-touch campaign. The program aims to enhance the open exchange of information, ideas and numbers, to serve as an example of a digital marketing campaign, for those who work alongside marketers.

The Webtrends Open Campaign goes behind its own scenes to show how individual elements come together to generate customer insight and digital marketing success.

How it works
Iterative marketing cannot be achieved with an out-of-the-box solution. The component pieces – analytics, campaign management, multivariate testing and experimentation, and integrated communications through both social and traditional public relations – each require a great deal of specialized expertise and attention for any one company to effectively deliver. The Webtrends Open Campaign will show how all of the marketing pieces can fit together.

“We have recently launched the Open Campaign to show marketers, sales people, business decision makers, web analytics professionals, and anyone that is impacted by marketing today, how all of the pieces of interactive marketing come together,” says Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, vice president, marketing, Webtrends. “Marketing has fundamentally changed and we are excited to share how to intertwine the intricacies and complexities of running a digital marketing campaign. Over the coming months, we’re going to pull back the covers, explain our tactics and share our results. This is about showing, not telling.”

Results will be tracked
The primary goal of the Open Campaign highlights lead generation. As an enterprise organization, Webtrends is specifically interested in quality vs. quantity when enabling its sales and marketing lead efforts. A combination of online and offline tactics drive traffic to The Open Campaign microsite that is designed to engage visitors, deliver content, encourage collaboration and ultimately convert high-quality leads. The tactics and spend associated with the Open Campaign are specifically staggered across the 27 week program to allow data evaluation and changes to content, creative, and placement based on results. The KPI’s for the campaign involve visits, time on site, datasheet downloads, email sign-ups and contact sales inquires.

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