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August 18 , 2009

Ad Metrix to provide competitive intelligence for Canadian online display campaigns
Gain insight into where display ads are viewed and by whom with comScore's breakthrough new service

comScore, Inc. bringing their Ad Metrix service to Canada. This breakthrough service in digital media campaign planning and buying will provide comprehensive insights into where display ads are viewed online and the demographic composition of the audiences reached. The service captures multiple varieties of display advertising, including static banners, rich media and video ads.

  • Ad Metrix includes several modules that provide actionable data and supply valuable insights into the online advertising market:
  • Ad Metrix Publisher provides competitive insights into where marketers are spending their ad dollars online and what share of the market each publisher captures
  • Ad Metrix Advertiser provides information at the advertiser and product level to provide intelligence on which publisher sites individual advertisers are utilizing for their campaigns as well as the actual creative used
  • Ad Metrix Demographics provides insights into the demographics of Internet users who are exposed to advertising, providing person-level intelligence on the placement and reach of ads

“comScore Ad Metrix provides the Canadian market with the most comprehensive online advertising measurement service that accurately accounts for the number of online display ads viewed and links those views to actual Internet users, offering vital competitive intelligence for digital ad campaigns,” says Brent Bernie, president of comScore Media Metrix, comScore Canada. “The introduction of Ad Metrix - along with comScore's existing services Brand Metrix and Campaign Metrix - completes the trifecta of online ad effectiveness solutions in Canada and empowers the media planning community with all the tools necessary for top-to-bottom digital campaign planning and evaluation.”

The Ad Metrix sercive provides an array of online display ad metrics and capabilities, including:

  • Total display ad impressions
  • Share of ad impressions by site content category
  • Ad clutter
  • Advertising-exposed unique visitors
  • Reach and frequency
  • GRPs
  • Publisher-level demographics
  • View of the actual creative used

Ad Metrix Canada reporting will be available in September with August 2009 data. Campaign Metrix, which allows for person-level measurement of online campaigns, and Brand Metrix, which provides a comprehensive view of an online ad campaign's branding effectiveness, are both available now.

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