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August 18 , 2009

Bud Light Lime rewards its Canadian fans
Brand delivers free tunes to followers

Bud Light Lime, which was introduced to Canada earlier this year amidst a storm of social media, is rewarding its Canadian Facebook fans with a summer music giveaway.

The Bud Light Lime Summer Music promotion is inviting Facebook fans of the brand to name their three favorite songs of this summer. Registered fans will be able to vote up to three times a day for their choice cuts from among those popular nominations.

On Aug. 24, the brand will post the list of the 10 songs that received the most votes. Then, over the ensuing four weeks, Bud Light will give away promo codes to the first 1,000 fans each week to log onto the Facebook site and claim that 10-song playlist from the Puretracks online music store .

The Facebook page lets fans search the titles submitted ranked either by popular vote so far or alphabetically. They can sample each track, cast a vote and click through to buy the song directly from Puretracks, a Toronto-based digital music service provider offering three million tracks ranging across genres.

The Bud Light Lime campaign was developed by Toronto-based agency Grip Limited.

“We wanted to do something to give back to fans who have made Bud Light Lime such a huge success in Canada,” said brand manager David Nicholls in a release. “Bud Light Lime is a social brand; it’s about being active and engaged, and we felt that a summer promotion tied to music was a perfect way to convey this.”

Bud light Lime launched in the U.S. in April 2008 and has reportedly exceeded the brand’s expectations for the product by 100%. Anheuser-Busch partner Labatt had expected to introduce only one new flavor in the Canadian market this year, but added Bud Light Lime after five “bring it to Canada” Facebook pages sprang up spontaneously by February 2009. Labatt introduced the light beer with a splash of lime flavoring in May.

Street teams in Canadian cities handed out limes and stickers saying, “You asked for it, Canada—Now it’s here.” In two events timed to the launch in downtown Toronto and Montreal, flash mob members in Bud Light Lime T-shirts leading crowds in impromptu Twist parties

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