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August 11 , 2009

Bringing technology, design together bridges the gap between brand and consumer
New integrated direct mail approach dramatically increases consumer response and reduces marketers' risk

Direct response company Dukky has introduced the next generation of direct marketing. Their new platform allows marketers to create high perceived value gift card offers as part of a group mailing, while monitoring individual performance online. 

Dukky revolutionizes the direct marketing process by removing the middlemen and connecting customers directly to the brands they want to hear from, creating mutual benefit for the marketer and the consumer. The program allows marketers to develop a cost-efficient and effective targeted direct mail campaign and measure the performance of their campaign in real-time.

“We are confident that Dukky’s new Pay-Per-Placement program will revolutionize many marketers’ performance expectations of direct response,” says Scott Couvillon, Dukky’s President of Marketing and Product Development.  “We’ve created a more affordable and efficient format for marketers to not only reach the consumer with greater returns, but to also improve matching the right offer with the right person in the right channel, exponentially increasing efficiency in the future.”

Money back guarantee

“There has been a significant shift in marketing investments towards online because of the ability to track campaign performance and consumer activity,” said Couvillon. “Our platform seamlessly unites the value of online with the inherent benefits of offline direct mail allowing direct marketers to abandon historically ineffective practices without abandoning the channel altogether. It’s the best of both worlds.”

Guaranteeing the platform’s effectiveness, Dukky is offering marketers a 50 per cent refund on purchase costs, if the response rate does not equal or exceed 8 per cent, significantly higher than the average direct mail response rate. And participation in this comprehensive platform does not require an agency or contract with a print facility, making participation feasible for smaller brands and simpler for larger ones.

So how does it work?

Step 1: The marketer begins by searching for a Dukky mailer by distribution level and demographic (age, gender, income, etc.). Marketers can then scroll through search results to find a Dukky mailer that matches specific recipient requirements.

Step 2: After selecting a mailer, marketers upload their gift card artwork based on a Dukky template and purchase a position within the selected mailer, which can feature between 9 and 39 other offers.

Step 3: Upon receipt of the Dukky mailer, consumers are directed to their Personalized URL, a Dukky webpage unique to each individual. Here, consumers indicate purchase intent and create profiles for the customization of future offers. Consumers can also share their offers with like-minded friends via e-mail and social networking sites.

Step 4: Dukky’s unique activation process ties the online and offline elements of the program together and feeds a dashboard, giving marketers campaign performance information in real-time. Metrics include purchase intent, contact preferences, secondary offer selection, viral and pass along data.

By allowing consumers to decide what kinds of offers they would like to receive, give feedback on brands, and share offers with friends, Dukky puts power in the hands of the consumer. At the same time, the dashboard enables marketers to monitor this activity and obtain valuable information about their consumers.

“Dukky is the evolution of direct mail. Instead of simply trying to lower costs and increase results without regard for what the consumer wants, we involve the individual in a valuable conversation about the brand,” said Couvillon.  “By bringing relevant offers to relevant consumers, we are ‘unjunking’ mailboxes; thus, both the brand and the individual benefit.”

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