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April 6 , 2010

World Vision fundraising event will be broadcast on internet

Youth fast is longest-running eventof its kind in Canada

On April 16, more than 100,000 Canadian youth will become agents of change to help vulnerable children and families in developing countries who lack access to food and clean water. Labeled the biggest night of the year, the World Vision 30 Hour Famine is Canada's largest and longest running youth event. Participants go without food for 30 hours, so they can raise money for the less fortunate and experience what hunger feels like. They learn about issues of poverty and hunger from guest speakers and the Famine website. It is expected that more than 100,000 Canadian youth will participate in this year's campaign to raise funds to fight global hunger, poverty and injustice.

This year will also introduce an online broadcast that will connect youth participating in the event across the country. Famine participants will be able to come together, coast to coast, to interact online at Famine.ca and can post messages, watch videos and interact online with other youth. Youth will also get the chance to see how Famine funds will support programs to address issues related to global poverty.

"This year, we wanted to add an online element that youth can relate to. By helping youth to connect with each other and share their experiences about doing the Famine online, it helps to make the event more meaningful," says T.J. Grant, Manager, 30 Hour Famine. "For the youth participating in the Famine, it's about uniting with other teens nationally, knowing they are a part of a bigger social movement of committed youth who are coming together to change the world and make it a healthier place for the millions of children and families living in poverty."

The World Vision 30 Hour Famine is proudly supported by Canadian celebrities like Danny Fernandez, Faber Drive, Joannie Rochette, Karl Wolfe, Lights, Mike Fisher, Shiloh and the New Cities and who will also be participating in the night of the Famine online broadcast.

WHAT: Famine event - national broadcast over the Internet
WHEN: Friday, April, 16, 2010
TIME: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. EDT
WHERE: Live at Famine.ca

Famine funding will continue to support on-going programs to eradicate hunger, poverty and injustice around the world. Funds from this year's campaign will support programs aimed at reducing sexual violence in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and by empowering children in conflict-prone areas of the Philippines to become advocates for peace. A portion of the funds will also support Haiti relief and long-term development.

Last year, Canadian youth raised $4 million through the World Vision 30 Hour Famine. This year the goal is to raise $5 million.

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