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April 27 , 2010

Data service gives multi-dimensional insights

Links online and print media habits

comScore, Inc. and PMB Print Measurement Bureau have announced a joint product offering that links Canadians' online media habits with print readership and other media consumption as well as product and brand usage and extensive demographic information - all in a single database. The service, available this summer exclusively to companies that are both PMB members and comScore clients, will provide enhanced insights into the behaviours and preferences of Canadian Internet users and print readers, enabling both advertisers and publishers to optimize their print and digital media strategies.

The new service will offer critical audience insights, giving publishers the ability to demonstrate greatly enhanced audience value. Agencies and advertisers will gain deeper insights into consumer behaviour, helping them optimize media plans and efficiently deliver campaigns against their most valuable target segments.

"This collaboration offers a true win-win for the Canadian digital media community," said Brent Lowe-Bernie, President of comScore Media Metrix Canada. "By bringing these important media planning variables together in a powerful combined database, we are equipping publishers with information about their audiences that will enable them to demonstrate the value of their inventory while providing advertisers the additional insights needed to optimize their media plans. comScore is pleased to partner with PMB on this endeavor and we look forward to providing continued insight and innovation for the digital industry in Canada."

"I commend the Board of PMB for its vision in encouraging this expansion of PMB - in particular bringing to reality the partnership of a commercial media company such as comScore with PMB as a not-for-profit industry organization," said PMB Chairman, Fred Auchterlonie, Senior VP Client Service at PHD Canada. "Nowadays, we're all facing a media landscape which is changing at ever increasing speed. This move will add value for our entire membership - on both the buying and selling sides - in adjusting to those changes."

Steve Ferley, President of PMB, added, "The PMB Board has clearly stated the need to broaden our data offering. This project together with comScore dovetails perfectly with that strategy, and we look forward to working with them for many years to come."

Industry leaders voice support for new data offering

"This is excellent news for the magazine industry in Canada and for Rogers," said Brian Segal, President and CEO, Rogers Publishing Limited. "Magazines are now available to readers with an ever increasing array of delivery platforms. To be able to combine PMB's accepted print readership data with comScore's Web usage information will be very helpful. It will allow us to prove the strength of our combined audience - and also the nature of that audience - using two of the major delivery platforms. Canadian consumers value magazine Web sites because they represent familiar brands and known entities. This move by PMB and comScore will help us to build on that."

"From an agency perspective, this is a logical union of two studies. It will allow us to serve our clients better and to be smarter about our print and online planning and buying," said Susan Ellsworth, VP; Research Director at OMD Canada and Chair of PMB's Research Committee. "It will be a tremendous help to have access to a single source of data on print readership and Web site usage and will provide valuable insight into Web site composition by brand usage. This is a significant step forward for the industry."

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