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April 20 , 2010

Site boosts sales of Canadian small businesses

smallcanada.com offers free marketplace

Small businesses in Canada have received a big boost with the launch of www.smallcanada.com, an online marketplace that allows small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to market their products and services at zero costs, and source new sales leads in and around Canada.

SmallCanada.com offers distinct advantages for small businesses:

- Small businesses - or Small Canadians - can create their business profile and market their latest products and services in the free space provided by SmallCanada.com.

- Prospective customers can browse through the sales pitches and connect to Small Canadians. They can also rate and recommend the Small Canadians they have worked with.

- Small Canadians can swap/barter their products and services with other businesses.

- SmallCanada.com is in talks with a few Canadian financial institutions to bring their clients on the SmallCanada.com platform. The website aims to serve as a hunting ground for venture capitalists to find SMEs with promising products and services.

- News and interviews will also keep small businesses abreast of latest developments. Small Canada interviewed Catherine Swift, President of the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses (Read Interview here: http://tiny.cc/o2nb5) as part of the website launch.

"SmallCanada.com is focused on generating untapped sales leads and showcasing the diverse range of small businesses in Canada," says Yad Hussain, Managing Director of SmallCanada.com and a new immigrant to Canada. "There is tremendous innovation among Canadian SMEs, all they need is a vehicle to push their message out to the rest of Canada. SmallCanada.com can be that vehicle."

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