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April 14, 2009

Publisac.ca opens doors for advertisers
Relaunch extends brand experience online
As part of a continuing effort to expand its digital offering for advertisers, Transcontinental Media has redesigned Publisac.ca, the online counterpart to their print flyer product, which delivers hundreds of offers, deals, and coupons to millions of Canadian homes each week.

Additions to the site include a powerful new search engine allowing users to browse by product or category, practical shopping tips, expanded categories, and a weekly e-letter.

“The redesign of Publisac.ca consolidates our positioning as the number one reference for smart shopping in Quebec,” says Alain Courville, Director, Digital Products, Transcontinental Media. “The new site very successfully extends the brand experience online. The articles with shopping tips add value for our readership, while the improved keyword search tool enables our readers to find the deals they’re looking for more quickly than ever before.”

With the addition of keyword searches and contextual ads, advertisers can now capitalize on results-driven options for regional markets or launch/market-test a new product.

Transcontinental has also acquired Conversis, an interactive tool that facilitates the browsing of flyers online.

“The refreshed site will not only open doors for our advertisers and help smaller supermarkets get some valuable online visibility, but it will also help strengthen our reputation as a leading provider of value-added content that internet users crave and respond to,” says Courville

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