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April 13 , 2010

Flightnetwork.com's Price Pager program empowers consumers

Canada 's first airfare price alert system emails customers when fares drop

FlightNetwork.com, one of Canada’s highest volume online travel sales sites (second only to Expedia in Canada), today, further established their commitment to deliver the lowest airfare prices online by launching the Price Pager Program on their Canadian website.

FlightNetwork.com’s Price Pager is a ‘first in Canada’ online tool that allows consumers to register for several flights to and from their destination, then track the price of those flights through email notifications. Consumers are notified by email when the price of any flight they have selected is lowered, ensuring that they can purchase their flight at the best possible price.

 “FlightNetwork.com was built by offering Canadian consumers the lowest fares from the top airlines,”  said Naman Budhdeo, Founder, President and CEO of FlightNetwork.com. “Our Price Pager Program will empower consumers to easily and comprehensively monitor the price points of several flights at a time and make a purchase when the price is right for them. Combined with the ability to mix carriers for outbound and inbound flights, we are offering Canadians an unbeatable array of fare and carrier choices.”

FlightNetwork.com also offers a ‘Lowest Price Guarantee*’ where consumers can produce  a competitors’ quote for airfare and the company will beat it by $10.00 for an International booking and $5.00 for a domestic booking. Bookings must be advertised by an online travel agency in Canada (i.e. Expedia). The guarantee applies to all genuine written quotes for identical bookings.

“We are going toe to toe with the guarantee programs of other providers,” added Budhdeo, “but also adding a whole new way for consumers to know they are getting the lowest prices with our Price Pager Program. When every dollar counts, consumers will know that FlightNetwork.com is committed to bringing them the lowest airfare prices in Canada.”

About FlightNetwork.com
As one of Canada’s largest online flight booking sites by volume (second only to Expedia.ca in Canada), FlightNetwork’s proprietary flight booking engine offers consumers the advantages of last second booking, searches of over 250 airfares per transaction and unique mix and match fares that allow booking on different airlines for departure and return flights to get the lowest fares possible.

FlightNetwork.com advertises and delivers the ‘lowest airfares from the top airlines’ by offering consumers access to over 2 million bulk rates negotiated with major airlines. Backing up Flight Network’s award winning online service are 50 insightful and well travelled flight specialists in the FlightNetwork.com call centre.

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