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April 13 , 2010

Colloquy unveils dramatic web redesign

Includes expert-based loyalty blog

COLLOQUY, a global provider of loyalty publishing, education and research, is now giving its readers even more timely coverage of trends, program launches and other events in the loyalty-marketing industry, with the launch of its first blog at http://blog.colloquy.com.

Titled after the company, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the COLLOQUY Blog is one feature of the completely redesigned and re-launched website, COLLOQUY.com.

Another key element of the web re-launch is the COLLOQUY Resource Center. The Resource Center is a portal to a vast collection of loyalty information, including a database of more than 700 loyalty program profiles, ranging from international hotel companies and financial services firms to major sports teams and restaurant chains. The Resource Center is a clearinghouse that provides easy access to major loyalty trends, best practices and program innovations. 

Lastly, marketing experts will enjoy easy access to news and research archives – from COLLOQUY’s 22 white papers to breaking news in 8 business verticals – updated daily.

But chief among the site’s new features is the COLLOQUY Blog, written by the COLLOQUY staff. Members of the COLLOQUY team are experts in the loyalty field and the new blog will leverage their experience and insights as the voice of the loyalty industry since 1990. Topics range from insider tips on how to win and retain customer loyalty to the latest developments in department stores loyalty programs. Indexed by industry and subject category, the blogs are pithy, punchy bites of information critical not only to the loyalty industry but any loyalty program member.

“The new COLLOQUY.com offers our subscribers a better user experience, with breaking news by industry, a vibrant design and access to expanded content, white papers to news articles,” said COLLOQUY Partner Kelly Hlavinka. “COLLOQUY is dedicated to building our value to the industry so more features will follow, such as the ability for visitors to personalize their access to the site and receive automated reminder messages.”

The website is re-launching in advance of the inaugural COLLOQUY Loyalty Awards.  The Loyalty Awards will cap off the 8th Annual COLLOQUY Loyalty Summit – an invitation-only event designed to bring together the brightest minds in loyalty marketing, to be held at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, AZ, from Sept. 15-17.

“The primary purpose of our website enrichment is to provide our readers a broader and more in-depth selection of loyalty information,” Hlavinka said. “So the site will constantly be evolving, growing and improving. Stay tuned.”

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