Vol 1, #11, May 26, 2009
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Investment in digital marketing services scores $2.5 million in new contracts
Transcontinental Printing shifts focus to providing non-traditional marketing opportunities for clients looking to make the move into the digital space

By Amy Bostock, Editor
Transcontinental Printing has just signed about $2.5 million in new marketing contracts, thanks to years of investing in and gaining experience in the world of print to web and email marketing.

“We’ve been a strong printing and publishing company for years but we recognized that in order to really help our customers reach their business goals we needed a stronger focus on non-traditional services... bulletRead More

Transcontinental is expanding their digital marketing services to better serve clients.
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Cineplex brings social media to the big screen
Brand awareness goal of interactive campaigns
Although they wet their feet in 2008 with Facebook and the launch of their ‘mycineplex’ community, 2009 marked Cineplex Entertainment’s real debut on the social media... bulletRead More
Facebook fans in driver's seat for beer launch
Brand dedication key to Labatt campaign
Dedicated Bud Light Lime drinkers became dedicated Facebook fans, using the social networking site to petition Labatt to bring the beer north of the border. Thanks to the thousands of people who...bulletRead More

TVO leveraging social media sites to build revenue
Partnerships allow for expanded reach
As part of the station’s mandate to educate and inform, TVO has been incorporating social media tools in innovative ways in order to engage their viewers and build revenue. After receiving funding to digitally upgrade their facilities, TVO is wasting no time playing catch-up with their digital and revenue building strategy.Initiatives like the newly launched civics101 website designed to boost the political literacy of Canadians, and The Agenda with Steve...bulletRead More

New digital edition platform comes to Canada
Be in control of your reader's experience
Canadian owned and operated Digitallity Works Inc. is giving online publishers complete control over how they want readers to experience their publication. The creation of DigiWorks, a digital publication platform, was motivated by the recent economic downturn and the trend towards magazines moving to online digital models to reduce costs. “We wanted to give publishers another viable option from a company with a publishing...bulletRead More

Top 25 companies by sponsored link impressions
Canada's RIM ranks second on list
Sponsored links are text-based ads that often appear as a result of a keyword search either on a search engine or associated site. These ads are often displayed alongside natural search results but identified under specified headers (i.e. “Paid Sponsor”, “Sponsored Link”, or “Sponsored Sites”). The list below from Nielson Online shows the top 25 companies and their sponsored link impressions for April 2009. Waterloo, Ontario-based Research in Motion landed... bulletRead More

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