Vol 1, #10, May 19, 2009
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May 19 , 2009


Android-powered smartphones set to debut
New Google search tools for computers, phones
New Brunswick government live on YouTube
Social networking site runs AGMs 24/7
Web directory promotes travel-related sites
Prizm enhances online lead generation services
Corus Radio listeners get customized experience
Instant Housecall eliminates costly IT visits
Tucows appoints Rawleigh H. Ralls to Board
New face at Ipsos North America
Industry site fosters investment, partnerships

Android-powered smartphones set to debut

Rogers ’ HTC Dream™ and HTC Magic™ smartphones are set to debut soon in Canada. These offerings are the first cell phones in Canada powered by the Android platform, providing Canadian mobile surfers with two high-powered options to keep them surfing anytime, anywhere. Both smartphones feature full HTML browsing and 3.2 inch HVGA touchscreens.

Android's integration with a wide range of Google™ mobile services, including Google Search™ Google Maps™, Gmail™ and more, means Canadians can enjoy their favourite web programs when and where they want.

The HTC Magic features a 3.2 inch LCD HVGA (480x320) touchscreen with a virtual touch keyboard. The HTC Dream features both a 3.2 LCD HVGA touchscreen as well as full five-row QWERTY keyboard, making it simple for users to surf and text however they prefer.

Both handsets feature a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus and camcorder mode, which allows users to film video and upload directly from their handset to YouTube. Both handsets also feature an accelerometer for sensing movement and a digital compass for complete orientation data, as well as microSD storage that's expandable up to 16GB.

Both the HTC Dream and HTC Magic run on Rogers' 3.5G, 7.2 Mbps High-Speed

Packet Access (HSPA) network, twice as fast as any other network in Canada. On the 7.2 HSPA network users achieve wireless download speeds similar to standard broadband connections, giving them the only true mobile broadband experience in the country today.

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New Google search tools for computers and phones

Google also showed off a new feature, available immediately, that lets users view only the most timely search results, narrowing the results for a topic to the past 24 hours or the past week. The feature will search blogs and news sites, as well as the general information available online, to provide a fresher picture of certain subjects.

This feature comes amid the rising popularity of so-called real time search products, like the search feature on microblogging site Twitter, which allow users to search up-to-the-minute developments about certain topics online.

Users will be able to display results by type of information, such as videos. A new feature currently under development will allow a search performed on a desktop PC to automatically show up when the same user logs on to Google from a web-enabled cell phone.

Google Squared, available next month, will automatically troll for information on the internet to create spreadsheets about the topics a person searches. Top of Page

New Brunswick government goes live on YouTube

The New Brunswick government will experiment with social media tools this week as officials travel to New York for a trade mission and an international broadband industry award ceremony.

The province has created its own YouTube channel, on which people will be able to watch video updates from government officials in New York for the Intelligent Community Forum, along with other clips of selected government events.

As well, a Business New Brunswick communications staff member will be writing a blog about the conference and other departmental news.

Although blogs and YouTube are not new social media devices, this is the first time the provincial government has used either in an orchestrated fashion to communicate its message.

"In the spirit of the [Intelligent Community Forum], our government is embracing social media to inform New Brunswickers and people around the world about our progress in New York," Graham said in a news release.

"I encourage everyone to use these tools to for updates on our progress, and to find out which community will be named this year's most intelligent community."

Graham isn't the only New Brunswick politician using social media tools as a part of the trip to New York.

Moncton Mayor George LeBlanc has set up a Twitter account — @georgeleblanc — and has promised to keep his followers updated on the city's bid to be the world's most intelligent community. Top of Page

Social networking site runs AGMs 24/7

The social networking craze has hit the financial world with the launch of CorpFreeSpeech.com (www.corpfreespeech.com). Not only can this site provide important information like stock prices, news and charts but, above all, it brings shareholders, employees, customers, business partners and the companies themselves together in a social network dedicated to the exchange of information.

"For the first time there is a 24-7 forum where shareholders and customers can get the truth about what is really happening directly from public companies," says CorpFreeSpeech CEO Laurent Rulinda. "For too long shareholders have had to wait for annual general meetings to get answers. Now using social networking they can get the inside scoop from corporations in real time. CorpFreeSpeech enhances corporate transparency through open dialogue."

The site gives all stakeholders a chance to have their say. In Twitter posts are called 'Tweets,' at CorpFreeSpeech each text, video or audio post is called a 'FreeSpeech.' Each 'FreeSpeech' begins a thread that can include official replies from corporations.

Rather than consumers using corporate websites to fill in 'contact-us' boxes that rarely elicit a response, CorpFreeSpeech lets companies talk to their shareholders and customers in a dedicated social networking environment. Any public company has the option of joining the dialogue. Consumers, employees and shareholders can start a FreeSpeech and the corporation can choose to participate.

"Corporations realize that social networking is where people now converse. At CorpFreeSpeech, companies have the opportunity to spread their message, reach out to stakeholders and handle issues before they become bigger problems," says Rulinda. "CorpFreeSpeech can be an invaluable public relations tool and help companies appear more progressive by joining the conversation in the social networking world." Top of Page

Web directory promotes travel-related sites

Owners of websites dedicated to travel and tourism can now improve search engine rankings and attract more qualified traffic with the Travel and Tourism Web Directory created to help promote travel around the world.

The directory is a tool to help travel related websites gain more exposure by allowing deep linking and free article posting. The goal is to provide customers with a single, comprehensive listing of all the travel websites available so they don’t have to spend hours searching the internet.

Once sites are submitted to the directory, they will be listed within two days under one of many different categories such as specialty travel, destinations, activities and attractions. As the web directory grows, so will the categories, allowing users to easily pinpoint the sites they need.

The Travel and Tourism Web Directory currently offers four levels of pricing for website inclusion, from basic listings to featured listings which include deep links with anchor text.

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Prizm Media enhances lead generation services

Vancouver-based Prizm Media Group has launched a number of new websites in order to offer clients more effective business development services. With the increased marketing and lead generation services being offered through these new websites, Prizm will be able to manage entire campaigns from launch to its exclusive execution and maintenance. The core attribute of the new sites will be the ability to connect businesses with quality leads. Top of Page

Corus Radio listeners get customized experience

In a Canadian first, Corus Entertainment is offering direct iTunes accessibility on 11 of its Corus Radio websites, giving listeners the option customizing their online experience.

“iTunes has revolutionized the way people buy music and we’re pleased to offer our listeners a customized experience on our websites tailored to the music that is most relevant to them,” says David Huszar, vice president and general manager of Corus Radio’s interactive division. “Although many websites are currently linked to iTunes, our partnership uniquely enables us to integrate the entire iTunes catalogue into our sites for the convenience of our listeners.”

The integration of the iTunes Store will reflect the programming of each radio station, allowing listeners to shop from playlists featured on the stations as well as top picks from on-air talent and celebrity guests. Top of Page

Instant Housecall eliminates costly IT visits

Instant Housecall v. 4.4 is a secure application that lets users take temporary control of a clients’ remote Windows computer to transfer files, run programs, perform diagnostics and even reboot machines, eliminating the need for on-site technical support visits.

The application is firewall and router friendly, allowing users to contact and access remote computers as if they were on their desktop. The session is secure and, once complete can not be started again without an invitation from the client.

Installation is fast, web-based and required no technical knowledge about ports, routers or connections. During each session the user and client can participate in a two-way conversation and there is a two-way clipboard that allows files to be passed back and forth.

Instant Housecall is fully Windows 7 compliant and supports Vista and Windows 7 UAC prompts. The program is designed to allow each technical specialist to support up to ten simultaneous customers.

With an emphasis on security, the program features session logging, SSL encryption, and configurable security settings. Top of Page

Tucows appoints Rawleigh H. Ralls to Board of Directors

Tucows Inc., a global provider of domain names, email and other internet services, announced that Rawleigh H. Ralls has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Company.

"We are pleased to welcome Rawleigh to the Tucows Board," said Elliot Noss, President and CEO of Tucows. "Mr. Ralls brings a wealth of industry experience gained through his leadership of Netidentity.com, as well as the perspective gained through two decades of investing and portfolio management experience. I look forward to his contribution to the Board as we focus on growing the Company and realizing value for our shareholders."

"Tucows is a recognized leader in the Internet services space whose unique focus on the service provider market provides significant opportunity," said Mr. Ralls. "I look forward to my new role as a member of the Company's Board of Directors."

Mr. Ralls is a founding partner of Lacuna, LLC, an investment management company focused on both public and private companies. Prior thereto, he was Chairman of Netidentity.com, an Internet email and web hosting company, where he led corporate strategy and development until the firm's sale in 2006. Mr. Ralls currently serves on the Board of Directors of a number of companies, including Savoya, LLC, IntraOp Medical, Knowledge Factor, Mocapay, Inc, and SageFire, Inc. Top of Page

New face at Ipsos North America

Ipsos Understanding UnLtd., the qualitative division of Ipsos in North America, has added the highly accomplished and respected researcher Jill Wittman to their its team. Wittman joins the company as Vice President of Innovation and Qualitative research, leading innovation and training programs for the company’s qualitative division.

“Jill brings a wealth of knowledge and energy to the Ipsos Understanding UnLtd. Team,” says Marilyn O’Brien, CEO of the division. “She is a visionary researcher with 15 years of experience in brand building and product development. “Jill’s experience, depth and enthusiasm make for a great fit with the Ipsos UU offer and her approach and commitment to the innovation process is what our clients need to build stronger brands.”

Prior to joining Ipsos, Wittman had an extensive career at Procter & Gamble. Top of Page

Industry site fosters investment and partnerships

The Health Technology Exchange (HTX) has unveiled its newly renovated website that helps industry members connect and collaborate with partners and business opportunities locally and around the globe.

Ontario’s Medical and Assistive Technology community is made up of about 700 manufacturing companies which employs over 25,000 people and generates $2.5 billion in revenue a year.

“We wanted the new HTX.ca to be as innovative and dynamic as the industry it represents and we’re excited about what the site will provide for our members,” says Dr. Morris Milner, President and CEO of The Health Technology Exchange.

New features include advanced personalized searches and business spotlights to foster investment and partnerships in the industry. Top of Page