Vol 2, #10, March 9, 2010
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Most employers search online for information about potential creative hires, survey shows

72% of advertising and marketing executives interviewed said they are likely to search for information about prospective hires online

A polished resume and portfolio aren't the only tools advertising and marketing professionals need to land their next job. A new survey shows a sterling digital presence is important, too. Nearly three-quarters (72 per cent) of advertising and marketing executives interviewed said they are likely to search for information about prospective hires online...bulletRead More

A survey shows that more employers are looking at social media profiles of potential hires.
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Zoompass launches mobile payments trial
Make instant, secure retail payments
Canadians will soon be able to leave their wallets at home thanks to a wireless payment sticker trial launched by EnStream LP, Canada's leading mobile commerce company. The Zoompass... bulletRead More
Say hello to phones with social skills
MOTOBLUR debuts on Canadian market
 Motorola Canada has announced that MOTOBLUR, its revolutionary social service for Android-powered devices, is coming to Canada with all three national wireless carriers in the first half...bulletRead More
Canpages announces API contest
Provides access to over 1M business listings
Canpages, Canada's fastest growing local search firm announced today the launch of its nation-wide Application Programming Interface (API) contest for smart phone application developers on the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and web platforms. The contest kicks off the opening of Canpages' API to provide access to more than one million business listings across Canada and will reward one grand prize winner...bulletRead More

Olympic fans turn to Yahoo! Canada in record numbers
More than 1.7M unique visitors during Games
As the destination Canadians turn to for the most relevant, timely and comprehensive coverage of local, national and international events, record numbers of Canadians logged on to Yahoo! Canada Sports and Yahoo! Canada’s comprehensive coverage of the Games in Vancouver to stay up-to-date on stories, videos and analysis about Canada’s Olympians, and experience Canada’s collective fever during the...bulletRead More

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