Vol 2, #6, Feb. 9, 2010
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February 9, 2010


NSK launches new Canadian website
XM Canada now on Facebook with live streaming
Operators could slash mobile data costs, report
CanTalk Wireless first in world to sell domain names using retail cards
Never be surprised by the weather again
Navigation is now made easy
TELUS Health Solutions offers Canada's first national e-claims solution
Hot Olympic app rocks to #3 in list of top paid applications
Online real estate tool encourages greater market transparency

NSK launches new Canadian website

NSK Canada, one of the world's leading bearing manufacturers, announced the launch of a new bilingual Canadian website at www.ca.nsk.com. The website is a cornerstone of NSK's commitment to providing world-class resources, information and service to customers across Canada.

The improved website was designed to make it even easier for customers to do business with NSK and achieve maximum uptime and cost savings. New features include an improved navigation structure, product catalogues, case studies, installation and user guides, technical tools, industry-specific newsletters with hands-on advice, fully indexed product information, an enhanced distributor locator, seminar/training information, and much more.

All knowledge-based content was developed by an expanded team of NSK engineers and technicians to provide a superior online customer experience. Designers can review technical drawings and specifications. Maintenance personnel can review guidelines for the proper care of machinery and components. Facility managers can receive guidance for selecting replacement products.

NSK's commitment to Canadian customers not only includes the revamped website, but also corporate investment in additional customer service resources. NSK has grown their team of engineers, technicians and support staff to ensure that customers receive the best one-on-one service and assistance possible, by phone, online or on site. Not only will NSK's Canadian customers "Think NSK" for high quality motion and control products, but for value-added service backed by experience, innovation, reliability and performance.

Visit www.ca.nsk.com to view and interact with the new website, or contact NSK for more information. Top of Page

XM Canada now on Facebook with live streaming

XM Canada, the country's leading provider of audio entertainment and information services, is proud to announce the launch of an innovative application on Facebook Platform that allows fans to listen to over 100 channels of XM programming live.

XM Canada is offering a free 14 day trial to Facebook users so they can discover and experience XM's unique content offering without ever leaving Facebook.

"Fans will be able to listen live to XM's programming, including commercial-free music, sports, talk, entertainment without ever having to leave the XM Facebook Page," said Andrea Fiederer, Marketing Director at XM Canada.

In addition, users can invite their friends to listen to XM, share the songs and channels they are enjoying and receive programming news and highlights from XM Canada.

The Facebook Page and application are an extension of the recently launched XM online+ platform, a new web-based player offering high-quality audio streaming that also includes an app for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows users to listen to XM anywhere, anytime.

"At XM Canada, we are always looking at delivering our content to consumers in original and unique ways that are convenient for people," said Fiederer. "Facebook gives us the opportunity to not only share our content but also connect and engage with our listeners in a way we never have before. Millions of Canadians love visiting Facebook and spend hours online connecting with friends and family on a daily basis, therefore making it the ideal digital hub for XM Canada."

In addition to providing live streaming of over 100 XM channels on Facebook, XM Canada's Facebook Page will also feature the latest information on subscription offers, new product launches, contest, events, and links to videos of live performances at our studios all to ensure the XM community is kept up-to-date on everything that XM offers. Top of Page

Operators could slash mobile data costs, report

Bridgewater Systems (TSX: BWC), the mobile personalization company, today announced the publication of new research into the mobile data surge, highlighting cost reduction strategies that can save mobile operators up to 60 per cent per annum by 2013. The report, "Towards a Profitable Mobile Data Business Model" is available to download at http://campaigns.bridgewatersystems.com/forms/ProfitableMobileDataModel.


    -   Towards a Profitable Mobile Data Business Model highlights the impact
        of growing 3G penetration, lower cost smartphones and USB dongles,
        new tablets like the iPad, and the popularity of mobile applications
        on the growth in mobile data traversing operators' networks.

    -   It investigates the causes of mobile network congestion and the best
        methods to alleviate it based on exclusive research conducted by
        independent research firm Chetan Sharma Consulting. It also provides
        insights into new service models underpinned by Bridgewater's
        deployment experiences with operators and customer case studies from
        Ovum and Morgan Stanley.

    -   Towards a Profitable Mobile Data Business Model looks at both network
        congestion management strategies and operator data pricing models
        with the following conclusions:

        -  Policy control could contribute substantial annual cost savings of
           over 10 per cent, equating to more than $15 billion in annual cost
           reduction by 2013 in the US market.

        -  Operators deploying a data traffic offload strategy to Wi-Fi,
           femtocells or 4G could expect savings of 20 to 25 per cent per
           annum by 2013, representing $30 to $40 billion in the US market.

        -  The evolution to HSPA and LTE could save just under 20 per cent in
           network costs by 2013, saving US operators $25 billion by 2013.

        -  Flexible, dynamic, and personalised pricing models that reflect
           subscribers' preferences and context, bandwidth and application
           usage, and network conditions will better align data revenues with
           network costs for the first time. New models include:

           -  Tiered and usage based models that take a smarter approach to
              service personalization and fair usage;
           -  Application-specific charging, to generate appropriate revenues
              from high-bandwidth services;
           -  Time-based models that charge based on time spent on the
              network; and
           -  Mobile advertising and mobile commerce funded approaches.

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CanTalk Wireless first in world to sell domain names using retail cards

Telnic, the organization behind the award-winning .tel names, and Webnames.ca, Canada's original domain registrar, today announced that they have collaborated on the first-ever retail cards for .tel names to be sold in shops and stores.

The world's first batch of .tel retail cards were delivered to CanTalk Wireless stores at the end of January. These new cards enable customers to purchase .tel names, which act as a 'live' digital business card, over the counter. These can then be activated online at a later date using unique codes printed on the card, making them ideal as gifts.

Nick Ellery, General Manager at CanTalk Wireless Solutions, said: "These retail cards make it easier than ever to promote .tel. The card and packaging design are very appealing and do a great job at expressing the .tel concept and value to shoppers. Our sales people find it easier to explain and promote .tel by having the cards available in-store and the registration system provided to gift card users appears to be very easy to follow. Overall I believe the .tel retail cards will be a big success."

Steve Smith, Webnames.ca's President and CEO, said: ".tel retail cards make sense because .tel is so different. They offer small businesses and professionals a very affordable and easy to maintain a "contact me" web presence that is both optimized for search engines and mobile phones. They are a perfect complement for a mobility plan and make sense for retail outlets that offer products to small businesses."

"Driving .tel names awareness into Main Street to people who have never contemplated using traditional domain names is important as .tel is so unique," said Khashayar Mahdavi, CEO of Telnic Limited. "Webnames.ca's customer service and connections with key retail organizations makes it the ideal partner to kick-off the roll-out of these retail cards." Top of Page

Never be surprised by the weather again

21 degrees SA has launched its application of meteorological geo-location for the entire world - and with total simplicity. Geo-located weather comes to the iPhone through the Geneva company 21 degrees. The company says it has integrated the best of weather data and location information. There is no need to enter the names of cities or villages, because the application automatically detects your latitude and longitude up to seven digits after the decimal point.

There is a remarkable precision that enables the application to stream and send alerts to where the person is located. There are now no more parameters, no more settings and no more options to configure. What is important is to be alerted and aware of the weather regardless of movements and travel - it's the weather in the bag.

Information on the weather is now localized for 15 days, truly a first. In addition, there is information on developments and tendencies in the weather on an hour-by-hour and day-by-day basis. The goal is not to know the exact weather in 14 days, but to have a clear vision of thermal ranges that we understand between -10degrees C and 10degrees C, so as to anticipate the metrological disruptions that are becoming more and more frequent.

Now, no more surprises when traveling. 21 degrees SA, the company advising on Weather Risk Management, offers enterprises the chance to be aware of weather risks and to forecast alerts in both the real world and on the web.

Our professional services are dedicated to companies and offer the chance to anticipate developments in the weather in the short term, for 15 days and the long term.

The 21 degrees App Store application offers individuals the opportunity to obtain geo-localized forecasts for 15 days on their iPhone. Top of Page

Navigation is now made easy

Canada ’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium released today its revolutionary, interactive Viewers’ Guide, presented by Bell on CTVOlympics.ca/guide and RDSolympiques.ca/leguide .  With regular updates to reflect the latest programming changes throughout the Games, the Viewers’ Guide is designed to help viewers navigate their Olympic Games experience from the more than 4,800 hours of live coverage on television and online.  It’s the prime destination for Canadians looking to find out how to catch every second of coverage from Vancouver 2010.

The Viewers’ Guide is an individually customizable tool offering fans complete control of their Olympic Games experience from their computers.  With interactive Vancouver 2010 programming schedules for Consortium channels (CTV, V, TSN, Rogers Sportsnet, RDS, RIS Info Sports, OMNI.1, OMNI.2, APTN, ATN and OLN), the Viewers’ Guide also provides complete programming schedules for web coverage on CTVOlympics.ca and RDSolympiques.ca , which will show every second of event competition live.  The Viewers’ Guide also enables and instructs fans to pre-select preferred programming schedules, and set email and mobile reminders and alerts, ensuring they don’t miss any of the action or results from the Olympic Games.

“The Viewers’ Guide is truly the ultimate way for viewers to chart their course through our presentation of the Games,” said Alon Marcovici, Vice President of Digital Media and Research, Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium.  “It’s the latest offering from the Consortium designed to empower viewers and allow them to choose how they would like to experience what is sure to become the biggest event in Canadian history.”

Key Features of the Viewers’ Guide include:

Easy to Find – the Viewers’ Guide launches from the home pages of CTVOlympics.ca and RDSolympiques.ca

Simple Navigation – Viewers can scroll through programming schedules for all Consortium channels, CTVOlympics.ca and RDSolympiques.ca ; sorting by date, time and preferred channel

Don’t Miss A Second – Fans can set up reminders to be delivered to email and mobile devices indicating that an event will be starting shortly.  Fans can also subscribe to alerts for instant results of their preferred sports

Medal Events Highlighted – Viewers will easily navigate their way to Olympic Games medal events on the Viewers’ Guide as each event will be marked with a ‘medal’ symbol’; Events in which Canadians are expected to do well will be marked with a ‘medal and Maple Leaf’ symbol

Preferred Settings – Each user’s settings are saved so preferred channels, sports and specific events can be easily accessed and revisited

Up-To-Date Programming Schedules – Updated to reflect the most accurate programming schedules, the Viewers’ Guide will update automatically if live event times change

Watch Now – Viewers can click ‘Watch Now’ on the Viewers’ Guide and go straight to live streaming coverage of an event at Vancouver 2010

In addition to the Viewers’ Guide at CTVOlympics.ca/guide and RDSolympiques.ca/leguide , The Globe and Mail will also provide readers with a special programming guide section on Saturday, Feb. 13 about how to watch the Games. 

The paper will also provide daily programming grids about what’s on TV each day.

In November, the Consortium announced an unprecedented media and mobile content agreement with Bell that gives Bell customers the benefit of 4,800 hours of 2010 Winter Games programming on Bell Mobility and Bell TV in HD.  For the first time, customers will also be able to access dedicated broadcast feeds from five television networks and nine competition venues on their mobile phones and through Bell TV. Top of Page

TELUS Health Solutions brings Canada's first e-claims solution

TELUS Health Solutions today announced that it has been selected by The Great-West Life Assurance Company for the development and implementation of an e-Claims exchange service for extended healthcare providers. The initial service will be introduced in 2010 for select providers such as physiotherapists, chiropractors and visioncare providers. Over time, it is expected that this will be broadened to include the wider range of providers which provide services covered by group benefit plans.

Today, many people enjoy the convenience of the electronic point-of-sale claim service available for dental and drug services. This level of convenience has not been available for other extended healthcare benefits.

"We are pleased to be able to work with TELUS Health Solutions to bring this important new service to our customers and their employees," said Mike Schwartz, senior vice-president of Group Benefits at Great-West Life. "For the first time, the extended healthcare provider community will be able to submit electronic payment reimbursement requests directly to us right at their point of service, offering significantly increased convenience and flexibility for plan members."

The e-Claims exchange service will be the first of its kind in Canada. While Great-West Life is the first insurance company to collaborate with TELUS on this initiative and has played a key role in supporting its development, the e-Claims solution will be made widely available to other benefit insurers, and over time, to a wide range of healthcare providers. This will enable the extended health provider community to streamline the claims and reimbursement process for their services on behalf of patients. Using their own patient/practice management system or through a portal within a website created and managed by TELUS Health Solutions, providers will be able to submit electronic claims quickly and efficiently allowing them to better manage their billing and receivables activities, trim down the paperwork involved in manual preparation and submission of receipts or insurance forms, reduce costs and give them more time to take care of their patients.

"The eClaims solution is a key expansion of our claims exchange portfolio, which will bring to the healthcare community a complete suite of services, supporting the seamless capture and routing of electronic claims from health professionals to insurance companies," said Marc Filion, chief operating officer and general manager of TELUS Health Solutions. "At TELUS, we're delighted to be a part of this industry first with Great-West Life. As Canada's largest healthcare claims transaction processor, we are constantly looking for new ways to equip our insurance customers with tools that will allow them to support employers and plan members in their journey to manage health proactively, conveniently and efficiently. " Top of Page

Hot Olympic app rockets to #3 in list of top paid applications

Hot new Olympic and World Cup focused iPhone App called 'iCheer - Country' in its first week hit the #3 spot of the top paid Apps in the Sports category on iTunes. The purpose of the App is to allow fans to cheer for their country. Whether they are at an Olympic event, a World Cup event like the FIFA World Cup, or just at a local pub cheering for their country! Find it on iTunes by searching for 'iCheer Country' or our website www.rm-mobile.com. Top of Page

Online real estate tool encourages greater market transparency

Real estate investors are now able to use a long-awaited tool in order to make investment choices based on sound financial information: it consists of a new informational Internet site called Gooplex.

"Today, stock exchange investors compare company shares based on their "price earnings ratio" or on their "earnings per share". The next logical step was to offer a website that allows real estate investors the possibility to search for properties by using criteria such as the "Gross Revenue Multiplier" or the "Municipal Property Assessment Ratio", which is exactly what offers, announces Gooplex.com's president, Sebastien Demers.

In the past 15 years, information pertaining to real estate has democratised itself at an accelerated pace, mainly because of the Internet. Gooplex is certainly adhering to the same trend.

A few weeks ago, Gooplex.com, the informational site specializing in income properties - thus for investment purposes- was brought to life. It offers tools which help identify properties that offer the best investment potential, based on investment-based criteria and philosophies.

While traditional media are no longer the preferred means for selling real estate, Gooplex.com offers a specialised alternative in order to sell one's income property faster. The website makes for an increased market transparency and liquidity, similarly to major stock exchanges. Top of Page